SalesTim helps every organization to improve their Collaborative Processes in making it easy to build Microsoft Teams Templates and automate it. You can build a template for any Collaborative purpose: 

  • Repetitive processes such as Proposal Management, Crisis Management, Recruitment, etc. 

  • Organization Collaboration such as collaboration at a Department level, Region, etc. 

SalesTim is built with the love for IT. It automates Microsoft Teams provisioning with many Governance Rules, so that you can scale in enterprise organizations.

Microsoft Teams Templates

SalesTim lets organizations build a Microsoft Teams Templates Catalog that the company owns, letting user creates a Team needed to perform Business Activities such as: Proposal Realization, Recruitment Session, Project Management, Crisis Management, etc. Possibilities are endless!

Todays Templates created by Salestim supports:

  • List of Channels

  • List of Tabs

  • Configured Website Tabs (to bring any content from Intranet, Website or Web Application)

  • Configured Planner with Tasks, Description, Buckets, Checklists and labels

Governance Rules for Teams in Microsoft Teams

Improving collaboration at scale with Microsoft Teams, can't be done without a strong governance. SalesTim empowers end users with self-service Teams provisioning and management that suits IT needs. With each Microsoft Teams Template build with Salestim you can apply governance rules such as:

  • Microsoft Teams Naming Convention

  • Teams Creation Approval

  • Microsoft Teams Template Audience Targeting

  • Teams Enforced Privacy Policy

  • Teams Creation Requester as non Owner 

  • Permanent Owners and Permanent Members 

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