Employees will get a Home Page that gathers all the Teams she/he belongs to and where they can create Teams based on the catalog made available by the organization.  

You can set up that to everyone in your organization to a selected group of people. 

Steps summary: 

  1. Get the Home Package

  2. Connect to Teams and Upload to Tenant App Catalog

  3. Connect To Microsoft Teams Admin Panel

  4. Reach Microsoft Teams Apps Setup section

  5. Set up the App for everyone

  6. Set up the App for a selected group of people

To complete this step you would need to a Microsoft Teams Admin or a Microsoft Global Admin. 

1. Get the SalesTim Home App package

Download the latest SalesTim Home Package from Here. Do not unzip.

2. Connect to Microsoft Teams as an Admin 

Connect to Microsoft Teams https://teams.microsoft.com and load the Home Package as is. 

Once loaded, you'll find the home package on your own company store. No more action is needed.

3. Connect to Microsoft Teams Admin Panel 

Connect to Microsoft Teams Admin Panel https://admin.teams.microsoft.com/ and reach the App Setup Policies Section

At this stage, you have to options: 

  • Home Page for everyone: follow the step 4 and stop after

  • Home Page for a selected group of user: jump to step 5

4. Add the home Page to everyone

You'll see 2 policies by default. With App Setup Policies you have the capability to change the Apps shown to end users on the left bar. 

Select the Global (Org Wide Default) 

Select Add Apps

Search for the Home add select Add

Select Add Again on the bottom

Select and move up to the top

And now just click on save! 

It's taking up to 2 hours to be reflected on the end-user side.

5. Add the home Page to a selected group of users

On the App Setup Policies page, create a New Policy in selecting "+Add"

Name It as you want, you can chose "Salestim Home Page"

Then follow the steps described in "4. Add the home Page to everyone" to add the Home Package to the Policy. 

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