SalesTim lets organizations improve their collaboratives processes through the ability to easily create an advance Microsoft Teams Template and get a Corporate Catalog to let anyone create a Teams based on those Templates. You'll find here after the Key features of SaleTim:

1. Advanced Microsoft Teams Template creation:  

Build any Microsoft Teams Templates, to address any collaboration need in the organization, with: 

  • List of Channels

  • List of Tabs 

  • Files and Folders

  • Pre-configured Website Tabs

  • Pre-configured Planner with Tasks, Buckets, Description, Buckets and Labels

  • Pre-configured Forms Tab 

  • Pre-configured SharePoint Online Documentation Library

2. Microsoft Teams Governance rule:  

Features that IT will love! Microsoft Teams has been designed to address enterprise needs to scale collaboration in an organization. While there is tons of potential with Teams created with content such as Planner and Website Tabs, this can't be done without a strong Microsoft Teams Governance. 

All the features described hereafter, are set at the template level :  

  • Microsoft Teams Naming Convention

  • Teams Creation Approval

  • Microsoft Teams Template Audience Targeting

  • Teams Enforced Privacy Policy

  • Teams Creation Requester as non Owner 

  • Permanent Owners and Permanent Members 

3. Microsoft Teams Templates Corporate Catalog:

Get a Microsoft Teams Template Catalog owned by your organization, tailored for your needs. Your company can provide Microsoft Teams Template such as: Project Management, Recruitment Process, Opportunity Management, Crisis Management, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Request a new team

1. Request a new team from the  "Home" tab

2. Select the Template to use from the corporate catalog

3. Choose the future Team name and description

4. Define a welcome message that will be published in the "general" channel once the new Team will have been provisioned
5. Choose the future team owners and members from the company directory

4. Get a Home Page for Microsoft Teams:

Get an overview of all the Teams you belong to, search for the good one.

5. Microsoft Teams Creation Approval:

  • Approval Dashboard: see the requests that are Pending, Approved or Rejected

  • Request Review: update request information, approve or reject requests

  • Notification: email received by the approver to act, link to the teams created

6. Service Account:

  • Choose a specific Office 365 service account for background processing operations

7. 🏆 CRM Integration

From the "🏆 CRM Integration" tab you'll define all CRM integration settings.

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