You use a naming convention to enforce a consistent naming strategy for Teams created by users in your organization. A naming convention can help you and your users identify the function of the team, membership, geographic region, or who created the team. The naming convention can also help categorize teams and underlying groups in the address book.

Intrinsically, naming conventions are a combination of values and expressions that are evaluated against a user profile and a request form, which defines the final value of fields. 

Naming Convention

With Salestim you can add a Naming Convention with fixed prefix and suffix, and you can add also Dynamic Naming Convention with properties from the user profile such as country, Department, etc.  from Azure Active Directory. Simply add "@" and you'll be able to add any dynamic element from Azure Active Directory.

Including Custom Attributes:

In combination with tags, naming conventions can use standard javascript operators and functions.

Fixed Naming Convention

"Add a "PRJ-" prefix to project management teams"

PRJ-<%= request.team.name %>

"Add a "-MKT" suffix to teams related to the marketing team"

<%= request.team.name %>-MKT

"Add marketing-related tags to teams descriptions for categorization purpose"

<%= request.team.description %> - #marketingcampaign #retargeting #seo

Dynamic naming convention

"Add country as a suffix to teams names based on the requester location"

<%= request.team.name %> - <%= user.usageLocation %>

"Add the Business Solution name to description"

<%= request.team.description %> - Created from the "<%= request.template.name %>" team template.

Conditional naming convention

"Use a specific suffix for users from a specific domain, use the domain name for the others"

<%= request.team.name %> - 
<% if (user.mail.includes('@contoso.fr')) { %>
CT France // Use "CT France" instead of contoso.fr
<% } else { %>
<%= user.mail.replace(/.*@/, '') %> // Extract domain name from user email address
<% } %>

For further reference and advanced capabilities, please visit our tech hub.

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