At SalesTim, trust is our #1 value.

We understand that our customers need to be confident that they are communicating with SalesTim in a secure environment. Domains whitelisting is one of the most effective methods of ensuring this and prevents any internet traffic intended for SalesTim from being hijacked or rerouted to a rogue website.

Our complete portfolio of domains are outlined below for our customers to reference when establishing and maintaining their corporate network and email settings.

SalesTim Web App

  • Domains/Hosts: *

  • Justification/Purpose: SalesTim main web application for Microsoft Teams

SalesTim Help Center

  • Domains/Hosts: *

  • Justification/Purpose: SalesTim Help Center embedded into the Microsoft Teams app

Third-party services

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

  • Domains/Hosts:

  • Justification/Purpose: Storage used by SalesTim to store templates pictures/icons

Microsoft Graph API

  • Domains/Hosts:

  • Justification/Purpose: API used by SalesTim to interact with Microsoft 365 services

Microsoft Azure Application Insight


  • Domains/Hosts:****

  • Justification/Purpose: Used by SalesTim to bring an embedded chat system into the app, and connect end-users with our support team.

Learn more about Third-party Security

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