We always have this question: "what if I change the Microsoft Teams Template, will it change all the Teams already created with this Template?".ย 

When you build a Microsoft Teams Template with Salestim there are 2 main parts : the original team that will be replicated and the associated governance policies. When a change is made to one of these 2 pieces, here is what won't affect or will affect the formerly created teams linked to the Template:

Will change for the Teams created in the past and in the future:ย 

ย Will change for the Teams created in the future:

  • Standard Channels Cloning

  • Tabs Cloning

  • Files Tabs Cloning with Files and Folders in each channel

  • Planner Tabs with Buckets, Tasks, Description, Checklist and Label

  • Website Tabs

  • Forms Tabs

  • Office Files Tabs

  • SharePoint Online Document Library

  • Naming Convention

  • Audience Targeting

  • Teams Creation Requester Membership Policy

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