Since we launched SalesTim, you had the ability to build advanced Naming Convention and Audience Targeting rules at the template level. Most of our customers are seeing a lot of value is this flexible way to build advanced Collaboration Governance capabilities.

Today, we're announcing an new and effortless way to build those rules using Tags, in addition to the support of Active Directory custom attributes.

Naming Convention

From each of your Dynamic Naming Conventions field, you're now able to add any attribute by simply typing "@" and you'll be suggested with all supported attributes (you can also search for them by typing the beginning of the tag name).

So in few seconds, you just build an advanced Naming Policy for your Microsoft Teams Templates!

Also, at the bottom of the list you'll be able to add any custom attribute from your Active Directory.

Learn more about dynamic convention in the Help Center documentation.

Audience Targeting

Similarly, you now can use any of these attributes to build your audience targeting rules. You can follow the tech documentation to learn more to learn how to write them.

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