While deploying the Home App, you may want to deploy to a group of users easily. This would leverage the App Setup Policy capability in Microsoft Teams Admin Portal as described here: Manage app setup policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams.

You would need to do some PowerShell Microsoft is offering yet this capability through an easy admin interface.

Briefly, here are the necessary steps:

  1. Make sure the Home App is installed

  2. Create an App Setup Policy

  3. Create an Azure AD Group

  4. Assign the policy using PowerShell

Here we go 👇

1. Make sure the Home is Installed

Make you've installed the home app by following the Step 1 and Step 2 of this documentation 🏡 Set up the Home Page, and do not do the step 3-4-...)

2. Create an App Setup Policy

Go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Portal at the App Setup Section App setup policies - Microsoft Teams admin center and click on +Add


  • Give a name

  • Add the Home App in the Installed Apps

Then add the Home in the Pinned Apps:

Then select the Home and move up to the top to make it appear on top of users App

3. Create an Azure AD Group

To do so you would need to create a dedicated Azure AD Group. This can be a Security Group, a Distribution List or an Office 365 group. You can use the method that fits your need.

Then you need to get the ID of the group and save it, we'll use this ID in the next step. To get the ID of the group, you can connect to the AAD Admin Portal at the groups section: Groups - Azure Active Directory admin center. Retrieve the Group you created and then save it.

4. Assign the policy to the group of users

Now you would need to use PowerShell to do so.

First make sure you open Windows Power Shell as an Admin. Search for Windows PowerShell, click right and "Run as an Administrator".

Then install the Microsoft Teams Module by copy pasting this code.

Install-Module MicrosoftTeams

You'll find more reference in the Microsoft Documentation: Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Then Connect to teams with your Admin Credential.

$credential = Get-Credential 

#Connect to Microsoft Teams
Connect-MicrosoftTeams -Credential $credential

Then you would need to assign the Policy created to the group by running this command (you would need to replace your group ID by the right one):

-GroupId d8ebfa45-0f28-4d2d-9bcc-b158a49e2d17
-PolicyType TeamsAppSetupPolicy
-PolicyName "SalesTim Home"
-Rank 1

Then you can check is the policy is assigned the group using this command (you would need to replace your group ID by the right one):

-GroupId e050ce51-54bc-45b7-b3e6-c00343d31274

For more reference:

That's it! Now you would just need to add user to your group and will see the Home App appearing soon.

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