Approver Guide


The following instructions are based on the assumption that SalesTim Automation is already installed. If SalesTim Automation is not installed yet, please refer to the following documents to install and configure SalesTim Automation:

Access and Login to SalesTim Automation?

Please refer to the User Guide / Access SalesTim Automation

"Approval" Dashboard

By default, SalesTim Automation redirects you to the "My Requests" dashboard.
If you're a member of an approval team, you can access the "Approval" dashboard from the main menu:


From there, you can see the requests that you're authorized to review, approve or reject, with their current status, among:

  • "Pending": Means that the request has been submitted for approval and waiting for the decision of an approver from the team you're a member of.
  • "Approved": The requests you've previously approved
  • "Rejected": The requests you've previously rejected


Keep in mind that in addition to the "My Requests" and "Approval" menu item, if you're an administrator, you will also see the "Settings" menu item.

Review a request

You can review a request by clicking on its tile.


From there, you can update the different aspects of the team:

  • The team name and its description
  • The welcome message that will be published in the "general" channel once the new team will have been provisioned
  • The team owners (N.B: the requester will be automatically added as an owner of the new team) and team members from your company directory

Then you can "Approve" or "Reject" the request, or contact the requester from Microsoft Teams messaging for further information, by clicking on it's name from the review form.


If the request has been approved, once the new team will have been provisioned, a visual notification will be displayed, with a direct link to the new team.


You don't need to inform the requester directly, as he will be automatically notified by email of any status update.