๐Ÿ”‘ Key Features

SalesTim Automation lets Organizations provide a Business Solutions Catalog that helps every user to collaborate easily with a tailored experienced of Microsoft Teams, automating the provisioning and managing the Governance of Microsoft Teams.

There are three main roles:

  1. End-user: Will be able to request the creation of new teams using a corporate catalog of pre-made templates
  2. Approver: Will review, approve or reject the requests from end-users
  3. Administrator: Will define the corporate catalog of Business Solutions and the associated governance with naming conventions, security and privacy policies, and also delegate requests processing to approvers and approval teams.

In the following sections, discover at a glance the key features available to each of these roles.

If you need a deeper understanding of SalesTim Automation from the perspective of each role, please refer to the dedicated user guides:

End-user features


Get an overview of all the Teams you belong to, search for the good one.

Business Solutions Catalog

Get the Business Solutions that are provided by your organization, tailored for your needs. In one click you'll get a ready to go Team with prepared Channels, Tabs, Preconfigured Website Tab and Preconfigured Planner.

Your company can provide Business Solutions such as: Project Management, Recruitment Process, Opportunity Management, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Request a new team

  1. Request a new team from the "๐Ÿก Home" tab
  2. Select the Business Solution to use from the corporate catalog
  1. Choose the future Team name and description
  1. Define a welcome message that will be published in the "general" channel once the new Team will have been provisioned
  2. Choose the future team owners and members from the company directory

"My Requests" Dashboard

See its own requests with their current status:

  • "Pending"
  • "Approved"
  • "Rejected"


  • If an approval process is enabled for the perticular Business Solution selected during the request, an email notification is sent for each request's status update.
  • If there is no approval process associated with the perticular Business Solution selected during the request, once the new team will have been provisioned, a visual notification will be displayed, with a direct link to the new team.

Approvers features

"Approval" Dashboard

See the requests for which the approver is designated as a member of the approval team, with their current status:

  • "Pending"
  • "Approved"
  • "Rejected"

Review Requests

  • Update the original request information:
    • Business Solution to apply
    • Team name and description
    • Welcome message
    • Team owners (the requester is automatically added as an owner of the new team)
    • Team members
  • Approve or Reject the request


  • If the approver is a member of the approval team, he'll receive an email notification to be able to review, approve or reject the request.
  • After a request approval, and once the new team will have been provisioned, a visual notification will be displayed, with a direct link to the new team.

Administrator Key Features

Discover the full Admin Guide

Business Solutions Corporate Catalog

  • View, update and delete team templates from the corporate catalog
  • From the "New Business Solution" form, the Business Solution settings could be defined from each section.

Create a new Business Solution

  • Choose an existing team as a Business Solution for cloning
  • Define all the informations such as Name, Description, Cloning strategy
  • Define the Naming Convention
  • Define the Approval Policy
  • Define the Audience Targeting
  • Define the Security Policy
  • Define the Adoption Plan

Microsoft Teams Service Account

  • Choose a specific Office 365 service account for background processing operations

๐Ÿ† CRM Integration

From the "๐Ÿ† CRM Integration" tab you'll define all CRM integration settings.

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