User Guide


The following instructions are based on the assumption that SalesTim Automation is already installed. If SalesTim Automation is not installed yet, please refer to the following documents to install and configure SalesTim Automation:

How to access SalesTim Automation?

You can access SalesTim Automation app from two different locations inside Microsoft Teams.

From your personal apps:

Personal App

Or from a team channel:

Team Channel

  • From your personal apps, you will access SalesTim Automation app through the "My Requests" tab.
  • From a team channel, the default tab name is "My Requests" too, but the team owner may have changed it to another name.

Login to SalesTim Automation

To log into SalesTim Automation, you must use an Office 365 account.
Use the "SIGN IN" button to start your login process:


SalesTim Automation doesn't support personal Microsoft Accounts (for instance, You must use a valid Office 365 account from your organization.

N.B: The first time you log into SalesTim Automation, an additional step may be required just after logging in.
If this message appears, read through the permissions and select Accept:


You should then be redirected to your dashboard.

"My Requests" Dashboard

By default, SalesTim Automation redirects you to the "My Requests" dashboard, from where you can see your own requests with their current status, among:

  • "Pending": Means that your request has been successfully submitted for processing, and waiting for:
    • The automated creation of your team and all its features (in general 20 seconds maximum)
    • The decision of an approver if you choosed a team template that requires an external approval
  • "Approved": Means that your team has been created and is available
  • "Rejected": Means that your request has been rejected by an approver. In this specific case, you can contact the approver directly from the request to see what happened.


Keep in mind that in addition to the "My Requests" menu item, depending on your roles (approver, administrator), you may see other links:


  • "Approval": Approvers only. Please refer to the Approver Guide for more information.
  • "Settings": Administrators only. Please refer to the Administrator Guide for more information.

Request a new team

You can request the creation of a new team from your dashboard.

  1. Select the "+ Create Request" button
  2. Select the template you whish to use from your corporate templates catalog


  1. Define the different aspects of your team:
    • The team name and its description
    • A welcome message that will be published in the "general" channel once the new team will have been provisioned
    • The team owners (N.B: the requester will be automatically added as an owner of the new team) and team members from your company directory


  1. Select "Send Request" or "Cancel" to cancel your request


Depending on the template you've chosen, you could receive two different kind of notifications:

  • If there is no approval process associated with the perticular template you choosed during your request, once the new team will have been provisioned, a visual notification will be displayed, with a direct link to the new team.
  • If an approval process is enabled for the perticular template you choosed during your request, you'll receive an email notification for each request's status update.